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When Molly Barbers own dog injured her forepaw in 1998, she could not have predicted that her future would include creating (at the time) the first business specializing in custom made braces and supports as well as offering wheelchairs for companion animals.

Molly has had a life long passion for animals, growing up in the city but spending summers at the cottage with friends and their horses. At 16 she applied for and was accepted into the Junior Agricultural Program (where applicants indicate they are pursuing a career in the animal field) are placed to work on a farm for the summer. With frequent “visits” back to assist during lambing season and general care for the variety of animals, re-affirmed this IS what Molly would spend her life doing “Helping Animals”.

After completing the Animal Health Technician program, her career has been as diversified as the many “hands-on” experiences she has grown up with. Starting with the challenges of Emergency facilities to regular practice and the compassion required for Shelter work. then, moving on to managing a Research Facility for the next 10+ years. At this point she was now faced with 2 challenges, the facility was slated to be closed and her own Golden Retriever sustained a carpal hyper-extension injury.

It was during this “time off” that Molly developed Canadian Animal Rehab Services. Consulting with her own vet, then with many local practitioners and Orthopedic specialists, it was re-affirmed that there is a need for supportive products without the use of all the bandaging material, that is easy to apply (and remove), and can tolerate getting wet by the pet!!

Educating herself further by attending human bracing workshops/seminars, applying her knowledge and animal experience to incorporate the braces function and biomechanics to apply it for use on animals. Realizing the benefits that Rehab products offer to pets, Molly has furthered her education to recently include the Canine Physio Therapy course at the University of Tennessee.

“This has been a life long journey that I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel I am making a difference to each individual pet that we help”!!


Molly Barber, AHT, RMLAT

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